Misael Ivan Lopez

Misael Ivan Lopez is a  Mexican street artist  born in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico in 1987. In 1990 his parents immigrated to the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. At the age of 4 he discovered his passion for painting at his preschool, drawn from an early age to color, creativity and outside of the box thinking. He grew up American by all accounts with his brothers, three of whom were born there and are US citizens.

As is the case with too many young people he had disruptive teen years, leaving home at 15 to live on the streets. He spiraled into a life of drugs and fed his creative urges in the graffiti scene. With luck his blossoming talent was recognized and in 2007 he received a grant for upcoming immigrant artists called ‘Espejos’ from Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis. This recognition and encouragment changed his perspecitve completely on what his possibilities were in the art world, and for his future potential.

In the midst of attempting to turn his life around, get off the street scene and take his art and life seriously, he was deported by the US government back to Mexico in 2010. While deportation to an essentially unknown country is devastating to many immigrant children who have been raised in the US, Misael used this as a moment to reconnect with his roots. Nuevo Laredo, where he was sent, is an exceptionally dangerous place . He was recommended Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco as an up and coming art scene and there he found not only a home, a community, but solidified his personal style. The vibrant color of coastal Mexico and it’s culture rich in storytelling blended with Misael´s fascination for exploring psychedelic color schemes.

Since his arrival he’s helped build a collaborative community around the puerto Vallarta mural scene with other local artists and pvstreetart.com a site dedicated to locating, documenting and creating  murals in puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. If you’re in the area be sure to check out some of the many public art pieces they’ve created together.