The Hive mentality: A beehive is an enclosed structure in which bees work together toward the common goal of protecting the queen the honey production and the overall colony. We use the metaphor of the hive as a way to identify our planet, community of artists, and art enthusiasts. We are the bees and the queen is the all inspiring muse that aids in our motives. We pollinate by reaching out into our communities to create “honey” our representation for culture and education. Our planet is our hive and we must serve to protect it at all costs. There has been debate over bees being an endangered species, nevertheless we at THE HIVE belief in raising awareness about the importance of bees and the positive effects they have on our planet. We use the metaphor of the bees as a platform for tackling these global environmental issues like waste and endangered species with our public murals created by artists with help of volunteers and sponsors of all walks of life.

The Hive Studio Galleria is a cultural base dedicated to showing and collaborating with local, national and international artists on communal events in the Banderas bay area. It serves as the base for, a site dedicated to locating, documenting and creating murals in the pueblos located in the Banderas Bay area with block parties focusing on the beautification and restoration of neglected areas with the creation of public murals shedding light on global environmental issues that concern our communities. We want to create a platform where there can be a dialogue on these issues with the end goal being educating ourselves on solutions we can apply to make an effective social change in society. Funding for these projects will be made from our “Adopt a Mural Project” fundraiser, focusing on working with private and commercial patrons to produce these murals with the resources needed for a smooth work space for the artists that donate their time and talent to creating works that can be enjoyed by the public on highly transited streets where they can get the most exposure.


The Adopt a Mural Project is a fundraiser aimed at connecting with patrons that share the common goal of beautifying our neighborhoods with conscious community projects like trash clean up and the creation of public murals Highlighting global environmental and social issues that are highly overlooked in our society.